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ultrasonic cavitation lipolysis
best ultrasonic cavitation lipolysis treatment in bhubaneswar

Cavi-Lipolysis or Ultrasonic Cavitation
If a person stays on a restrictive calorie diet for far too long; the hormones go for a toss. The metabolism slows down and the body starts conserving greater energy. It effectively means that the body would be burning lesser calories than usual. When the restrictive calorie phase is over, the sudden influx of more calories causes the body to horde fat and hence the weight rebounds. Keeping the weight off is tougher than losing weight, more and more people regain much of the weight lost
because either they went on a very low calorie diet or they stayed on the lower calories for far too long and hence damaged their metabolism.
The process of Ultrasonic Cavitation works differently. It mobilizes the fat cells which are then eliminated over time through the filtration system (lymphatic system) of the human body. Ultrasonic Cavitation or cavi-lipolysis is surgery free as opposed to gastric bypass, liposuction etc. There is also zero chances of scarring, bleeding or any sort of infection. Not only Ultrasonic Cavitation is relatively affordable but also has no downtime with results being immediate.
The frequencies generated by the handle of the Ultrasonic Cavitation machine mobilizes the rigid fat cells which then enter the lymphatic system of the human body and are excreted through various pathways such as sweat, urine and feces. This process of elimination continues over a period of days though visible results can be noticed after the session. It is needless to say that a healthier diet, improved daily activity levels and proper water intake would further improve the results.
The effects of the treatment become apparent in 6 to 10 sessions. One Ultrasonic cavitation treatment session lasts around 30 minutes and a single part of the body is treated in one session.