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Best Mole Removal Clinic in Bhubaneswar

Moles are small clusters of coloured skin cells, which can form anywhere on the human body. Moles are usually harmless and people can live with them without any complications. However, moles can be cancerous, so if a mole looks suspicious it must be removed for immediate examination under a microscope (histology), to eliminate the risk of it developing further.
Whatever your personal concerns, the Kelly Clinic provide the leading techniques and facilities for your treatment. Professor Jack Kelly handles each case with sensitivity and discretion, and your treatment, performed at our state-of-the-art, purpose-built clinic, will put your mind at rest.

Not every mole is beautiful. Especially a dark spot on one’s face can affect self confidence and appearance badly. This is the reason why most people prefer to remove such unwanted moles from their body. Removal of mole is very easy and can be done using several methods. Some of the most commonly used methods are surgical excision, radiofrequency ablation and laser ablation. All these techniques have their own indications. Surgical excision of facial moles requires good amount of surgical experience and knowledge to select a proper site of incision.