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An important part of skin care that most people do not even realize, is caring for your scalp. As a daily activity, washing your hair can of course become a monotonous and annoying chore, but can prevent a fungal scalp infection from occurring. Although this condition is seen primarily in children, it can be seen in adults with no symptoms. The most common way of acquiring the scalp fungus is from another individual, which can lead to damaging the hair follicles and causing patches of hair to fall out. A scalp infection can be painfully embarrassing and those aware of its symptoms need to take the proper precautions in order to prevent it from ever happening.
The fungus scalp infection is primarily seen in young children, 5 to 6 years old. The infection is seen in boys more than girls and can be transmitted to children at playgrounds and day cares. The fungus can be seen on hair brushes, pillow towels, combs and clothes. The scalp fungus can even survive for a long period of time, not allowing for the proper care and treatment.
The fungus scalp infection is commonly known as Tienea Capitis and may appear in several different ways. Those include; matter hair with crusts, smooth spots of hair loss, itching, pain, dry scalp, excessive dandruff, redden areas of hair loss with pus, mild scaling on the edges of the scalp, and patchy spots of hair loss.