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Hirsutism is a medical condition characterized by facial hair growth in women. This excessive and abnormal hair growth in women mostly occurs on the chin, upper lip, forehead, etc. Sometimes, excessive and abnormal hair growth affects the chest and the abdomen as well. Dealing with hirsutism can be a real nightmare. Luckily there are a number of ways you can get rid of hirsutism permanently, always depending on the treatment procedures you are willing to try and their results.

Shaving your body hair is the safest and quickest method of getting rid of body hair. However, shaving the face daily for women dealing with hirsutism is not a pleasant thing and often the skin becomes irritated.
Another removal technique which can help you get rid of excessive body hair is by using creams or depilatories. A good thing with these creams and depilatories is that they don’t leave stubbles.
Bleaching paste is also widely used when trying to get rid of excessive body hair. Remember that bleaching products can irritate the skin and for this reason, they should be used with precaution.
How to get rid of hirsutism permanently? Waxing and tweezing are one of the options when it comes to removing excessive body hair. Waxing is effective when trying to remove larger patches of hair while tweezing is effective when trying to remove small stray hairs.
Electrolysis is one of the permanent hair removal techniques which work by delivering small electric currents into the hair follicle through a needle. However, electrolysis is an expensive technique.
Laser hair removal is another way how to get rid of body hair permanently at Ashu Skin Care. It consists in using laser light to damage the hair follicles. Multiple laser treatments are required before the desired results are achieved and your body is free of unwanted hair. This is also an expensive method as well. Skin redness, scarring and even darkening or lightening of the skin are possible side effects of laser hair removal.