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dark pigment in face
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Most women have pigmentation on their skin, especially in their 30s. This happens because of excess melanin production. But sometimes, the melanin production goes awry, and your skin ends up with uneven dark patches. Also called hyperpigmentation, this skin issue can be very stubborn. Fortunately, it can be controlled. Scroll down to learn everything about hyperpigmentation and ways to treat it.
Table Of Contents
What Is Hyperpigmentation? Why Do You Get It?
Hyperpigmentation: Causes, Types, And Signs To Look For
How To Treat Hyperpigmentation
Ways To Prevent Hyperpigmentation
What Is Hyperpigmentation? Why Do You Get it?
Hyperpigmentation is the discoloration of the skin, resulting in the development of dark patches or spots. The affected area appears darker than the rest of the skin. This gets worse with sun exposure. Hyperpigmentation is a broad term. Skin discoloration caused by acne blemishes, freckles that have turned into sunspots, or darkening of the skin due to conditions like psoriasis and eczema all come under hyperpigmentation.