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Best Urticaria treatment clinic in bhubaneswar

The disease is commonly called hives. It is a skin rash with raised, red, itchy bumps. The rash usually last for fewer than 6 days and leaves no permanent skin changes. The thing that is really bothersome about the condition though, is that it will mostly recur.
Urticaria is a very common disease. The disease can cause transient itchy red/ pale swellings and usually any individual spot clears within 6-24 hours. Both are caused by the release of histamine from cells in the skin called mast cells in the body.
The main symptom of urticaria is itchy, red, raised lesions all over the body. This may be associated with localised swelling of the face/lips (ANGIOEDEMA). Although urticaria can be a troubling condition, it generally does not cause any grave complications. However, angioedema may lead to swelling in the tongue/ throat and may lead to breathing difficulties. This is a life threatening emergency and any sign of breathing difficulty should prompt an immediate medical attention.