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Best Nevus Treatment Clinic near Apollo Hospital

Epidermal nevus is a lesion that is usually present at birth. It can sometimes take a linear or swirled pattern on the skin. Epidermal nevi can be lightened by using the Q-switched Alexandrite Nd:YAG and ruby lasers. They can also be removed with CO2 laser. Several treatments are usually required to effectively treat this condition.

Nevus of Ota, is also known as nevus fuscoceruleus ophthalmomaxillaris. This is characterised by a pigmentary change in the first and second sections of the trigeminal nerve. Nevus of Ota is normally unilateral, this means that it generally affects only one side of the face over the cheek, temple, forehead, nose and around the eye. It can also be bilateral (both sides of the face are involve) but it is less frequent. Nevus of Ota is seen as a pigmentary change of irregular blue, bluish-gray or brown pigmentation. In most cases the person will also have a bluish discoloration involving the eye (conjunctiva), the cornea (clear part of the eye) and the retina (the inside lining of the eye). Often Nevus of Ota presents at birth but there are cases that develop after birth generally during the teenage years. The pigmentation can develop gradually over time not all at once. Nevus of Ota can be treated with lasers to improve its appearance. If left untreated the lesion will remain unchanged throughout life. However Nevus of Ota can darken with sun exposure. This is a benign lesion.