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Best Skin Allergy Treatment Clinic near Apollo Hospital

Skin allergies affect the lives of millions of people around the world. While most are not fatal or painful, these allergies do impact the quality of life of patients. Skin allergies occur when the immune system responds to an allergen. Sometimes the immune system incorrectly identifies substances or even parts of the body as a threat, causing an allergic skin reaction to occur. Skin allergies can be very annoying and bothersome. While all the conditions leading to skin allergy cause red, itchy skin, there are a number of differences in the causes as well as treatments and side effects.

Skin allergies are one of the many different skin conditions that may impact you. At a basic level, skin allergies are an allergic reaction to a normally harmless substance. Your immune system normally fights a foreign substance and removes it from your body. When the immune system sees a substance as foreign and reacts, you can develop an allergic skin rash. When your body interacts with one of the triggers mentioned below, you develop a reaction to the trigger that most others do not and you end up with symptoms.