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Best PCOD Treatment Clinic in bhubaneswar

PCOS is a very common disease now-a-days. One out of every 10 women is suffering from PCOS. Sometime we don't give so much attention to our health because of the busy and stressful lifestyle which causes a lot of side effects on our body. As a result we suffer some diseases. PCOS is among one of them.We at Ashu Skin Care Provide Best PCOS Care by Dr Rabi Narayan Satpathy,who is one of the best Gynecologist of Bhubaneswar,Odisha.

PCOS is Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS is a medical condition which is commonly seen among the women of reproductive age due to hormonal imbalance. In this condition the level of male hormones "Androgen" increases in the body of women and multiple cysts are seen in the ovaries. Due to hormonal imbalance menstrual cycle become irregular or sometimes skipped and it becomes difficult to get pregnant for the women suffering with PCOS.