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Normally, 95 per cent of dieters end in failure and regain their lost fat quickly. They follow a diet for short term and then go “off” a diet. Being “off” a diet often means overeating. This is occurring at a time the body is at the height of “panic” mode and is storing all it can. Thus, weight gain following a diet is fast and furious, even more so than prior to dieting at all! This weight gain is often what precipitates another attempt at dieting, and the cycle begins again.
The first key reason why diets don’t work is that biologically, diets slow down weight loss. Each successive attempt at dieting results in a slower rate of weight loss. This is because our body experiences dieting as a stressor. When we’re stressed, we produce high-levels of cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones). These hormones cause our body to slow down the rate at which we burn calories.
The second key reason why diets don’t work is that diets lower your metabolism. When you repeatedly lose and gain weight, your body will learn to adjust to become more efficient. That means the body will slow its metabolism.