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Best Hair Treatment Clinic in Odisha

Hair loss is a major concern for many men and women, whether it is caused by age, genetics, hormones, medical conditions or even due to styling practices and/or products. With recent advances in research in the field of hair restoration, new treatments have been created to help combat the condition.At Ashu Skin Care, Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is an emerging nonsurgical based treatment for both men and women that is showing remarkable results in slowing down, stopping and even reversing hair loss. PRP has also shown promising outcomes in patients with alopecia areata and thinning eyebrows.

Bringing in the best surgical and medical solutions for cosmetic and aesthetic looks with hair transplantation, we have initiated the Ashu skin Care Hair Clinics in Bhubaneswar. We cater to wide range of hair transplant procedures as well as medical therapies like stem Cell Therapy,mesotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, with the help of our experts with long years