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best chloasma treatment clinic near me

Melasma and Chloasma are a type of pigmentation closely related to both hormonal changes and the suns rays. These types of pigmentation often cover large patchy areas and will darken during the summer months or exposure to sunlight. Often cheeks, upper lip, the bridge of the nose and forehead are the most affected areas.
Melasma can usually be associated with a change in contraceptive pill, IUD or hormone patch. It can also be associated with higher levels of Oestrogen at certain times during the menstrual cycle and he way the skin then reacts to sunlight. Only 10% of those affected are men.
Chloasma is usually related to pregnancy and often referred to as the ‘mask of pregnancy’. It can develop on the face and other body areas.

Pigmentation this type occurs because of an overproduction of melanin pigment cells – melanocytes.
• There is a genetic predisposition to the disease.
• When the exact cause of the disease is not clarified, it is believed that the chloasma occurs under the influence of hormones. For this reason, it is most often appears in pregnant women, use of contraceptives and other hormonal drugs.
• The sun’s rays stimulate melanin production and increase the probability of occurrence of melasma.
• The use of certain cosmetic products or ingredients, such as bergamot, can exacerbate the disease.