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Laser hair Removal Clinic in Bhubaneswar

Laser Hair Removal For Safe, Effective, Long-Lasting Results
Laser Hair Removal is the fastest and most effective way to remove larger areas of unwanted hair. And the results are long-lasting. All laser hair removal treatments in Ashu Skin Care are performed by professional, fully-qualified Medical Aestheticians and supervised by Dr. Anita Rath, M.D. who is on-site and supervising at all times. So you know you'll be getting the safest, most effective treatment possible.

Step 1: The hand piece is placed on the skin and an intense pulse of light is emitted.
Step 2: The dark hair absorbs the light and heats up. The light skin around it reflects the light and stays cool.
Step 3: The hair shaft conducts the heat down to the hair follicle.
Step 4: The heat destroys the cells in the hair follicle where the hair is made.