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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Odisha

The ashu skin care team now offers affordable hair transplant services in Bhubaneswar. Being bald is not an option for us so schedule a consultation at our clinic to know how regaining hair can transform your life. The ashu skin care hair transplant team was formed with a vision to provide quality and world class hair transplantation to Bhubaneswar and cuttack clients. The team is composed of young, vibrant and talented doctors, nurses and surgical assistants all with specific vital roles to make each patient’s hair transplantation a unique, pleasant and successful experience. We have carefully chosen and equipped our team with appropriate knowledge and skills through proper hair transplant training and experience. Now, we can offer our patients very natural looking and permanent results like never before. The promise of ashu skin care hair transplant team: GOOD EXPERIENCE AND RESULTS by combining both art and science in hair restoration surgery.

The problem of hair loss is growing and so is the demand for hair restoration techniques. There are a number of medicated shampoos and serums available in the market claiming to help you combat significant hair loss. A number of oral medications (mostly multivitamins) are also prescribed by the dermatologists to help reduce hair loss. However, these traditional methods need a lot of time and patience to deliver results. But in this era of technology, people prefer procedures that offer instant results, and this is where Hair Transplant Surgery comes in the picture.