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Does Laser Hair Regrowth Technology Actually Work?
For some of us it starts with shedding, for others it is the dreaded bald patch, and for many it seems that going bald is the inevitable. With hair transplants costing upwards of £2000 without guaranteed results, for many the situation seemed hopeless. That was until, the development of laser hair regrowth technology. Able to target thinning hair and balding patches, could this innovative technology change the hair loss game?

LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is an FDA approved treatment, that was discovered by chance. It uses Low-Level Lasers and LED (light emitting diodes) to stimulate and penetrate the scalp, with minimal risk and side effects. Research indicates that the LLLT is absorbed into our cells and enhanced cellular activity is triggered.
By exposing the balding areas to a low-level laser, the hair follicle is stimulated to re-enter the anagen (growth) phase within the hair cycle.
LLLT prolongs the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle, meaning more growth over a longer period of time.
LLLT works to increase the blood flow to exposed areas of the scalp, encouraging the hair to grow to cover these areas.
By increasing the activity of adenosine triphosphate (APT) in the subcutaneous tissue, LLLT works to supply the hair follicle with oxygen and nutrients, preventing further hair loss.